B.I.T. Corporation
Jim Blue- (720)495-3881
17 years experience

Work Experience:

GreyBridge Home Company, LLC 2002-Present
Custom Homes in Deerwood Subdivision and Sundance Subdivision (Longmont)Contact Info: Brian Terry 303.246.0419

MasterWork Home Company, LLC 2006-Present
Custom Homes in Huntington Trails (Westminster)
Contact Info: Dave Boschart 303.442.1277

Arch Form, LTD 2004-Present
Custom Homes in Evergreen and Lake Rd. Lakewood
Contact Info: Farley Lozowick 303.674.5951
Visit -WWW.ARCHFORMLTD.COM there are many pictures of our work.

Blue Spruce Design & Construction 2006-Present
Custom Homes, Remodels and Commercial (Boulder & Niwot)
Contact Info: Sandra Weeks 303.359.8854
Visit - WWW.BLUESPRUCECONST.COM there are many pictures of our work.

Redstone Homes 2007-Present
Custom Homes (Longmont)
Contact Info: Max Redding 303.941.8956

Hendricks Fine Homes 2008-Present
Custom Homes (Boulder)
Contact Info: Cary Hendricks 720.406.7481

Himmelman Builders, LLC 2009-Present
Fall River Village Condos (Estes Park)
Contact Info: Marv Bembenek 720.382.0883

Land Development, LLC / Tower Ridge, LLC 1995-Present
Tower Ridge Town Homes (Aurora, Co.)
Contact Info: Spike Rumley 303.639.1300

GlynnAlden Builders 2002-Present
The Estates at Buffalo Ridge (Castle Rock)
Contact Info: Bryant Winslow 303.829.5574